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In the HoReCa and Wellness industry it is vital to have an extraordinary team developed impeccalbe in terms of behavior, communication skills, etiquette(appearance) and aknowledgements.
First of all your clients evaluate you through the quality of the people you are surrounded and only after that what they have experienced in your “home”. You will be recommended and they will return if they had an experience beyond their expectations, if they were smiled or have been spoken polite, getting an interaction based on respect and empathy, all this imprinting a memorable time. Your team is responsible for all above. Because people give real value to your business.

Invest in your team because it is your and your business MIRROR!
Because EDUCATION is the most profitable investment, choose one of the special curses of Spa and Hospitality Industry
➤  So that your team has to know how to imprint a memorable impression
➤  So that your team has to practically develop their communication skills
➤  So that your team can become the best host ever

Promote your business!

There are countless ways to promote your wellness center, gaining notoriety, getting reccomendations and being more visible, but there are only the specific methods that fits you and brings results. Nowadays you can do things differently and with our tools you can raise your business and make it profitable and more attractive in 6 or even 3 months.

Choose one of these 2 promotional packages for you and your wellness center and if you are a product supplier or spa equipment supplier and you want to become one of our partners ask for the Business Spa Membership package.

Viva Spa Membership

Valability: 3 months

an article about the wellness center: services and concept
a writer interview with the Spa manager or the location owner
a Mystery Shopper visit
3 short articles to promote an offer (package/ service/ product)
social media: weekly post on Facebook + LinkedIn + Instagram page of Alina Nitu Consultant
15% discount for Customer Care & Etiquette Course
15% discount for Sales Course

Mondo Spa Membership

Valability: 6 months

an article about the wellness center: services and concept
a writer interview with the Spa manager or the location owner
a Mystery Shopper visit
an written articol by Alina Nițu (Spa Consultant) about the location, services and team (after her personal visit)
6 short articles to promote an offer (package/ service/ product)
media: twice a week posting on Facebook + LinkedIn + Instagram page of Alina Nitu Consultant
consultancy discussions with the Spa Manager (2h/meeting - videocall)
included courses: Customer Care and Etiquette for 5 persons maximum
20% discount for Sales Course

Business Spa Membership

Request a partnership proposal at

Dedicated to companies, product suppliers or spa equipment suppliers for Spa centers.

Tools & solutions

Choose the SOLUTION that fits best to your needs!

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About Us

All our skills and acknowledgement is dedicated to make out of your Spa and Wellness Business to be, first of all, your vision and representing your image. Then we guide you through the steps to succeed and avoid the beginners mistakes. Due to our holistic vision we are able to achieve our aims and we find the best solutions and using the best tools. We are involved and persevering in avery project we enrole that is why the foremost is going to be you, your team, your business. Spa Plus toold and solutions will be at your fingertips whenever you want to access them and they will be permanently adapted to your actual needs.

Spa Plus is your lucky clover!  


Your let a message

    Why choosing Spa Plus?

    You get tailored solution to your needs
    Your team will be the best host
    You’ll gain recurrent clients and reccommendations from them
    With us you can avoind the beginners mistakes
    You’ll have innovative promotional tools
    You’ll get more than just a service

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    Alina Nitu

    Alina Nitu

    Spa Business Consultant & Customer Care Trainer

    Alina is an involved person, persevering and dedicated to the progress and development of the Spa Industry in Romania. She acquired the necessary knowledge to create and ...

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    Este important ca centrul tău să spună o poveste unică, să se diferențieze și să creeze experiențe WOW pentru oaspeții tăi? Folosește INSTRUMENTELE & SOLUȚIILE Spa Plus ca să creezi cea mai potrivită și primitoare ambianță pentru oaspeții tăi, dar și cel mai profitabil business.


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