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How do we identify the best SOLUTION for you?

Step 1:
Contact us(e-mail or phone) and share your current situation of the center, which is the difficult situation you want to solve or everything is going well, but you would like to make it  work even better.

Step 2:
Wwe will annalyze  your situation and ask your questions that will help us to understand better what do you want, but especially what is the real cause of the situation.
If you cannot identify the source of any incovenience that damages yout business, we will recommended a "Mysterious Visit" with an unknown  client who will test your center's services, products an team.

Step 3:
We will show you a series of  solutions, individually or packages, that you can apply quuickly, but especially to provide  you with medium and long team resources in identifying and solving new  situations.

Step 4:
If you choose to collaborate with us, we will set the working agenda togheter and get to work!

Step 5:
Once we have achieved our goals, we will stay with you  for a period of time (determined by the chosen tool package and solutions) to  follow how well the proposed solutions fold and in whhich way and how useful the tools offered for your business are.

When do you need Spa Plus?

The moment you want to open a Spa but you do not know where and how to start

When you  already have a spa center almost ready to operate, but you need a consultant to build the action plan (recruiment and training, menu creation, sales and marketing plan)

When your spa is operating for a time now, but you feel the need of a change;  you want to attract new customers, to expand or any other changes you feel necessary

When you have a well-equipped spa, excellent services, but a team that fails in evolvution, sales are getting low, team does not excel in the Customer Care chapter (a situation very often encounntered and felt by thhe direct client)

Whhen you need to train a competent and capable Spa Manager

Whhen you need management assistance for a specific period of time (pre and post opening)

When your team needs a specific course; etiquette & customer care, sales, spa therapies, management, communication.