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A Mystery Shopper is that Mysterious Customer who, after a visit to your "home", reveals you in a very honestly way how your business looks through the eyes of a customer.

The Mysterious Client does not criticize, but he is very careful to gather all the information you need to identify the real cause for the various problems you face.

More concrete, the Mysterious Client has the great quality of finding the missing pieces of the puzzle, and even more - he identifies the pieces that looks very good superficially, but inside they begin to deteriorate and affect the image and the future of the business.

The Mysterious Client is paying attention to:

   First Impression - from check-in to check-outt
   Staff attitude, behavior, verbal and non-verbal language
   Staff empathy
  Addressing and resolving difficult situations / complaints 
  Services quality
  Working procedures and protocols

A visit can take a day or two, depending on the size of the location and the diversity of services.

Following this visit, the Mysterious Client draws up a report containing notes and suggestions. This report is 100% confidential and will be sent strictly to the person and / or the persons who / have requested this experience or to the decision-makers..

To request such a visit, please e-mail us at and we’ll be responding within 24 hours.