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You’ve got a great idea and you’re seriously thinking about opening a Spa Center… Great! Because practice is that thing making an idea so great, it is extremely important to have a plan even from the beginning, no matter how schematic.

Which is the starting point?

Step 1: establish WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO. More exactly think about what kind of Spa would you like to have– Day Spa, a Hotel Spa, Balneary Spa, Beauty Spa, Resort Spa etc. and make a market research

Step 2: set the OBJECTIVES

Step 3: create a STRATEGY based on the market research you have done, suitable to your customer profile you want to have, reionează O STRATEGIE în funcție de datele pe care le-ai cules din piață, profilului de client pe care ți-l dorești, cewhat do you want to offer (products and/ or services) and what would you like to get.


Step 5: continuously EVALUATE and MEASURE and adjust the initial plan as many times as needed but no sooner that 3 months after implementing a strategy.

It is imperative to have a plan and even more important to avoid others mistakes by learning from them. You will constantly need to evolve so it’s important no to by your own, but having a  good consultant which can guide you and most importantly helping you avoid others mistakes.

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